Social Media Training

We provide a bespoke social media training course across the main business platforms; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 

The training includes the following;

  1. Creation of individual profiles and Company Pages;
  2. Sharpening of profiles;
  3. Social media guidance;
  4. Outbound media and replies;
  5. What and who to follow/what to avoid;
  6. Short videos, images and GIFs;
  7. Groups to join on LinkedIn;
  8. Tips and Tricks;
  9. Branding, quirky and direct messages;
  10. Mechanisms for creating meeting and income from social media.


The training usually takes 1-2 hours at your premises and is a mixture of PowerPoint and live changes to profiles, as well as issuing key messages during the training. 

This training is crucial to understanding how your social media becomes a shop front for your business, and the importance of understanding the marketing and branding that is crucial to the success of your business.

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